EFN member and generous host Fira Mediterrania will welcome us to the beautiful ancient city of Manresa, near Barcelona, for our annual conference on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October.

Check the complete programme and schedule below

EFN Members are guaranteed a free hotel place for 2 nights and a shuttle transfer from Barcelona (all generously provided by Fira Mediterrania de Manresa).

There are so many great reasons to be part of this special conference: 

  • A conference schedule packed with important subjects for delegates to discuss in Breakout Groups – especially for ideas to develop the proposed European Folk Day

  • Panellist speakers from across Europe – on Intergenerational Issueshow do we pass down traditions to the next generation in the modern world? With experienced professional musician Juan Antonio Torres (Spain), conservatoire leader Unni Lovlid (Norway) and young musician Tina Jordan Rees (Scotland)

  • Panellist speakers on Showcases – Budapest Ritmo organiser and WOMEX Samurai Balazs Weyer (Hungary), agent and showcase ‘customer’ Minna Huuskonen (Finland), Linda Dyrnes of Norway's FolkOrg, organiser of Folkelarm showcase and Steven Vandersapoilden of Belgium's Flemish Folk Network and their new VONK showcase.

  • A get together in special groups for colleagues from the same kind of work – Festivals, Workshops, Researchers, Artists, Agents, Educators, Showcase/Expos etc…

  • A chance for members to pitch their own ideas/proposals/information to EFN members in the Open Mic session…

  • And a wealth of concerts all weekend – conference delegates have free access and can choose from Fira Mediterrània’s incredible showcases... including ROS, Patricia Álvarez & Vigüela Trío, Melodie Gimard, CRNDS I Fransy Gonzalez, Israel Galvan amb L'Escolania de Montserrat – and the amazing human towers of Tirallongues de Manresa with a special project including high wire artist and acrobats… see the whole Fira Mediterrània programme here

  • A history-led tour of the city of Manresa, Heart of Catalonia

The 8 page printed programme for the conference is going to be distributed to all Fira Mediterania and EFN delegates - download a full copy HERE

Check the hour-by-hour weekend schedule below or download it HERE:

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7 & 8 October 2022

Access the conference weekend schedule here

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