The rich diversity of cultural identities in Europe is expressed and celebrated through folk and traditional music and associated performing arts.


The network exists to support and broaden awareness of the arts of tradition as a cultural and educational force in Europe.


  • To encourage, promote and support developments for folk music and associated arts in their diverse forms and origins 
  • To create opportunities for artists, organisers and audiences from European countries to meet, communicate and collaborate
  • To foster relationships with artists, organisers and audiences beyond Europe
  • (Annual) meeting(s) for members to meet and share interests and ideas


  • Mutual support and practical assistance between members


  • Practical partnerships: co-commissioning, creative projects, creating work together


  • Development programme of good practice, skills and opportunities for artists and organisers


  • Point of presence and access for media


  • PR and media awareness for the sector


  • Fundraising and joint applications


  • To raise the profile of folk music across Europe


  • Policy and Advocacy



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