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The first European Folk Day took place on

Saturday 23 September 2023

(the day of the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere)

and it's happening again on Monday 23 September 2024!


The European Folk Day arrived in style in 2023 and it will now be an annual celebration!

Of course Folk Day events can also be in the days just before and the days after 23 September. 

The first ever pan-European celebration of folk music, dance and storytelling arrived in September 2023 - with artists, promoters, communities and individuals all celebrating the glorious and diverse traditions of the people of Europe.  The members of the European Folk Network and all the contributors can take pride in this remarkable achievement! 

You made it possible, you made it happen. And you can make it happen again!
It's by you, for you, by us, for us, for everyone!


Let's celebrate the 2023 achievement of 226 events in 32 countries, 104 tracks on the Music Repository from 28 countries, 26 radio stations (European Broadcasting Union members) - all showing the world just how much the folk arts mean to our nations and communities.  And in 2024 let's achieve even more.

Click on the map here to see who's doing what and where all around Europe.   Go to the European Folk Day website to get more info and hear tracks on the Music Repository.
Get involved - send us photos, videos, post on your website and social media - use the logo, use the hashtag #EuropeanFolkDay -  let's tell the world!


From grassroots communities to national organisations, from individual musicians to companies involved in traditional arts at any level: the

European Folk Day is by you, for you, for us….

Participation is open to any individual, band, institution, company, community, workshop, local group - indeed anyone wanting to join in, with an activity related to folk music, dance or storytelling, either on-site or online.


Take a look at the map of Europe  which every participant can add to with their own event in the European Folk Day 

People and organisations join us in the European Folk Day to highlight the value of the traditional arts.  Get involved! Register your participation on the European Folk Day website which also has Resources for you to use and FAQs to answer questions and suggest ideas.  And they did!

Whoever you are, whatever you do, there is always a way for you to enjoy the European Folk Day.

Read the full report on the remarkable scope and achievements of the first European Folk Day in 2023.




To keep in touch with what's happening 


and we'll keep you well informed in the coming weeks

The European Folk Day is a pilot project co-ordinated by European Folk Network (EFN) with financial support from the MusicAIRE project jointly organised by the European Music Council and Inova with funds from the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission. 

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