EFN Members' Spring Forward Meetings Online


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Because we couldn't meet up and had to postpone our second real-life annual 2-day conference that had originally been planned for November 2020 in Budapest, we are substituting it (until we are able to travel and meet again) with 3 half-day virtual meetings - the EFN Spring Forward series from March to June 2021 - now open for bookings.  

Participation in each Spring Forward meeting is FREE for all EFN Members who have paid an up to date membership subscription. (Participation is free for a maximum of three people from EFN Members which are organisations.  Each person should register separately.)  Non-members are also welcome - the suggested charge is €10 but there is also an option to pay what you can afford.

The Spring Forward #1 meeting was held on the afternoon of  Monday 15 March.  The programme - on the theme: EFN Today - Who We Are and Where We Are -  included discussion of the Stage One Mapping report and also EFN's first official Annual General Meeting (AGM).    A report of the meeting will come out soon.

Each Spring Forward meeting will concentrate on future plans and opportunities for EFN and its Members.   

Spring Forward #2 will be on Saturday 24 April and will focus on the theme:  EFN Tomorrow:  Who We Want To Be and Where We Want To Go.   Book your place HERE.  

Spring Forward #3 - on Wednesday 9 June will focus on:  An EFN Manifesto and Three Year Strategic Plan.     Book your place for meeting #3 only HERE

Make sure you don't miss these longed-for opportunities to connect up with members and friends once again, via the only pan-European network for the traditional arts.


Spring Forward #2

24 April 2021


All times are UK BST


13.30pm - 14.00pm

Participants join meeting 

14.00 – 14.05

Welcome & introduction 


14.05 – 14.25

KEYNOTE Speaker:  Alistair Anderson (England)


14.25 – 14.35

Speaker(s) from FAMDT (France)

14.35 – 14.45

Speaker: Svetlana Spajic (Serbia)

14.45 – 14.55 

Speaker:  Linda Dyrnes from FolkOrg (Norway)

14.55 – 15.05 

Speaker:  Janusz Prusinowski from Mazurkas of The World (Poland)

15.05 – 15.15 Break

15.15 – 15.20

Announcement of breakout subjects

15.20 – 16.05 

Breakout groups sessions


16.05 – 16.35

Breakout groups submit 3 points each

16.35- 16.40   

Summing up and end of meeting


6.45 – 17.15

Informal Aperitivo and mingling


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