EFN Members' Spring Forward Meetings Online


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Because we couldn't meet up and had to postpone our second real-life annual 2-day conference that had originally been planned for November 2020 in Budapest, we are substituting it (until we are able to travel and meet again) with 3 half-day virtual meetings - the EFN Spring Forward series from March to June 2021 - now open for bookings.  

Participation in each Spring Forward meeting is FREE for all EFN Members who have paid an up to date membership subscription. (Participation is free for a maximum of three people from EFN Members which are organisations.  Each person should register separately.)  Non-members are also welcome - the suggested charge is €10 but there is also an option to pay what you can afford.

The Spring Forward #1 meeting was held on the afternoon of  Monday 15 March.  The programme - on the theme: EFN Today - Who We Are and Where We Are -  included discussion of the Stage One Mapping report and also EFN's first official Annual General Meeting (AGM).    A report of the meeting will come out soon.

Spring Forward #2  on Saturday 24 April focussed on the theme:  EFN Tomorrow:  Who We Want To Be and Where We Want To Go. Members heard from six highly informative and experienced speakers from across Europe. 


Musician/organiser/educator Alistair Anderson opened the meeting with an inspirational keynote speech, setting the tone and spirit for the meeting's exploration of why our traditional arts are important and what EFN can do to support them.  Read Alistair's fascinating speech in full HERE.

EFN Members Linda Dyrnes, Alban Cogrel and Julien Regi presented information on their national organisations, offering encouraging examples of how successful traditional arts networks grow and operate.  Download Linda's presentation on Norway's FolkOrg HERE ;  and Alban and Julien's presentation about France's FAMDT HERE.

Serbia's Svetlana Spajic and Poland's Janusz Prusinowski spoke with passion and eloquence about their work promoting and sustaining traditional dance and music in their own communities.  Video excerpts from their speeches will be posted on this website soon.  

In the second half of the meeting, EFN Members and the speakers participated in group discussions. Each group produced  ideas and suggestions,  which were transcribed and will form the basis of a draft Manifesto and 3 Year Plan for EFN, which will be presented and discussed at Spring Forward #3 on 9 June.

Spring Forward #3 - on Wednesday 9 June will focus on:  An EFN Manifesto and Three Year Strategic Plan  and will concentrate on discussions between members -   Book your place for meeting #3 HERE


Spring Forward #3

9 June 2021


All times are UK BST


13.30 -14.00   

Zoom link open for everyone to join


14.00 – 14.10 

Welcome & introduction

EFN Chair David Francis


14.10 – 14.20


introduced by Nod Knowles 

Read the Manifesto in advance HERE


14.20 – 14.50

Breakout groups sessions

The meeting is divided into small groups – each group discuss the draft Manifesto and how it can be used. 


14.50 – 15.00


introduced by David Francis

Read the Plan in advance HERE


15.00 – 15.10



15.10 – 15.50

Breakout groups sessions

The meeting is divided into small groups – each group will discuss the draft Plan and what practical suggestions and commitments they can bring to it. 


15.50 – 16.00

Summing up

David Francis


16.00 – 16.10

Internal Regulations/ByLaws for Board elections

presented by Nod Knowles


16.10 - 16.20   

Thanks and end of formal meeting


16.20 – 17.00 

Informal Aperitivo

Short sessions for general meeting and greeting in random breakout rooms.


17.00  END