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The idea of a formal pan-European membership network for folk and traditional music and culture was initially prompted by meetings called by Scotland's Burnsong organisation. A series of discussions and meetings with people involved in folk traditions from over 14 European countries led to work on the possible structure and remit of an organisation. 

A statement of aims and objectives for a European Folk Network was first defined  in meetings in the UK and Belgium and announced in a gathering during the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, Scotland, in early 2016.  
Since then, several attempts were made to take the idea forward, to raise some basic funding and establish a formal legal structure  -  and success was achieved in January 2019, when a small group of five of the original pioneers registered the network in Belgium as a legal, not-for-profit association (download the legal statutes here), opened a bank account and raised and contributed enough funds to get plans for the EFN properly under way.
Four of those pioneers formed the initial voluntary Board and steering group for the network, making plans, encouraging people to join as members, inviting new Board members and building EFN for its first years.  In due course EFN has held democratic elections to appoint new Board members.

The Board's immediate priority was to plan EFN's first major event - a 2 day conference for members held in Brussels on 28 & 29 November 2019.   The conference provided the basis for future planning and practical activities.



David Francis (Chair) - Trad Music Forum (Scotland)

Danny KilBride (Secretary) - Trac Cymru  (Wales)

Angela Hont - Hungarian Heritage House  (Hungary)

Daina Zalane - Lauska (Latvia)

Araceli Tzigane - Mapamundi Música (Spain)

Eric van Monckhoven - Music4You (Italy)

Linda Dyrnes - FolkOrg (Norway)

Steven Vanderaspoilden - Flemish Folk Network (Belgium)

Original members and now retired from the Board are:

Melanie Scheys - Belgium 

Katy Spicer (Vice-Chair) - EFDSS, England

Lize Colson - VI.BE (formerly Poppunt) - Belgium

Nod Knowles acts for the time being as Network Administrator


Registered in the judicial district of Brussels on 17 January 2019 as a not-for-profit association Registration number 0718 789 695.   

Registered office: Wijngaardstraat 5, B-1755 Gooik  Belgium.

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