EFN is a democratic one-member-one-vote network.


Annual membership fees are €25 for individuals and €100 for organisations.


The first conference – in Brussels on 28 & 29 November 2019 – was free for members.


For the first start-up period of EFN’s official life, membership paid at any time from the official registration date of the association (February 2019) will last until 31 December 2020. 


For this first start-up period, members who want to help the EFN to accumulate working capital to use in future work are invited to join and if possible to contribute a larger, one-off amount as an initial membership fee (of whatever they can afford) and be quoted in all communications as EFN 'Founding Members'.


As an indication, the group who set up the association and those members who have already made a one-off contribution to EFN's work and funds aFounding Members have already contributed between them a total of over €5500 - and the Board is working to raise other money from cultural funders, including a contribution already from British Council Wales.

EFN Members at 07 February 2020:

VI.BE (formerly Poppunt) (Belgium) Founding Member

English Folk Dance & Song Society (England) Founding Member

Trac Cymru (Wales) Founding Member

Melanie Scheys (Belgium) Founding Member

Trad Music Forum (Traditional Arts and Culture,Scotland) Founding Member

Folk Alliance International (USA, Canada & International) Founding Member

Nod Knowles (England) Founding Member

Tom Sherlock (Ireland) Founding Member

Geoff Cripps (Wales) Founding Member

Burnsong (Scotland) Founding Member

Mike Kamp (Germany) Founding Member

Chris Foster (Iceland) Founding Member

Feisean nan Gaidheal (Scotland) Founding Member

Chris Pentney/Sharper Than (England) Founding Member

Mapamundi Musica (Spain) Founding Member

WOMEX - Piranha Arts (Germany/International) Founding Member

alba KULTUR (Germany) Founding Member

Feis Rois (Scotland) Founding Member

Muziekmozaiek (Belgium) Founding Member

English Folk Expo - EFEx (England) Founding Member

Fragan (Belgium) Founding Member

Tempi (Denmark) Founding Member

Frank Reglin (Germany) Founding Member  

Medigrecian (Greece)  Founding Member

Hungarian Heritage House (Hungary)  Founding Member

Musik over Praesto Fjord (Denmark)  Founding Member

Francis Xavier Edwards (Ireland) Founding Member

Finisterre  (Italy) Founding Member

FolkOrg (Norway)  Founding Member

Muziekclub t'Ey (Belgium)

VZW Dranouter (Belgium)

Simon McKerrell (England)

Eric van Monckhoven (Italy)

Linkwadraat (Belgium)

Hangveto (Hungary)

Jo Freya (England)

Cigdem Aslan (England)

Jan Przadka (Poland)

Christian Pliefke (Germany)

Kenneth Day (Sweden)

Lauska (Latvia)

Creative Scotland (Scotland)

Associação Cultural Xarabanda (Madeira, Portugal)

Stoneyport (Scotland)

Henning Kuepper (Germany)

Jonathan Pearson/Islander (Ireland)

Anja Hovelmann (Germany)

Global Music Centre GMC (Finland)

Andrew Lambert (Ireland)

Halsway Manor (England)

The Celtic Art Gallery vzw (Belgium)

WOMUSK (Slovakia)

Ake Lundstrom (Sweden)

Jeroen Geerinck (Belgium)

Anna-Wendy Stevenson (Scotland)

Ward Dhoore (Belgium)

Ian A Anderson (England)

Hartwin Dhoore (Estonia)

Johanna Sauramaki (Finland)

Michele Manzotti (Italy)

Toernee Mondial (Belgium)

Andrew Cronshaw (England)

Compagnie Macke-Barnouw (Belgium)

Nataliya Myazina/Russian World Music Awards (Russia)

Mark Mulholland (France)

Folk Holidays Festival (Czech Republic)

Gudrun Walther (Germany)

RFoD - Riksforbundet for Folkmusik och Dans (Sweden)

Elena Leibbrand (Belgium)

Live Music Now Scotland (Scotland)

't Smiske vzw (Belgium)

Muziekpublique (Belgium)

Folk Roskilde Lirum Larum (Denmark)

ALT PRODUCTions (Hungary)

Fira Mediterranea de Manresa (Catalonia)

Trad Ireland/Traid Eireann  (Ireland)

Marieke Van Ransbeeck (Belgium)

Sverige Spelmans Riksforbund (Sweden)

Francis de Souza (Netherlands)

World Music Association of Serbia (Serbia)

Birnam CD Ltd  (Scotland)

Eric Sahlstrom Institutet  (Sweden)

CEMPER (Belgium)

Svavar Knutur Kristinsson (Iceland)

Colin Gillen (Ireland)

PROFOLK (Germany)

Angharad Jenkins (Wales)

Lode Bucsan (Belgium)

Darshan Associazione Culturale (Italy)

This is an initial holding site before a full EFN website is built